Distinguished Women Lecture Series 2015 - 2016

Distinguished Turing Lecture Series 2015 - 2016


Ricardo Mizos overcomes autism and earns a degree in Information Technology

Ricardo Mizos, 23, has autism but with support from his parents and early therapeutic intervention, he recently graduated with a degree in information technology and plans on returning to in the fall for graduate school. One of the challenges of autism is paying attention, focusing and completing tasks. Ricardo thrived at School of Computing and Information Science (SCIS) and credits his professors and staff from the Advising Center with helping him succeed. “We provide a support system for students, for their well-being, not only to get the grades but to make them feel comfortable and at home,” said Tiana Solis, assistant director of academic advising and a lecturer at SCIS.

Mizos also took advantage of resources available at FIU such as the Disability Resource Center (DRC), which supports students with disabilities throughout their college experience. DRC currently has nearly 2,000 active students registered; of that number, 80 have autism. Registration is not mandatory; students opt-in if they think they need the services.

Read more about Ricardo at FIU News.

Students Education

Brazilian students working at FIU’s Discovery Lab

The Brazilian government is thinking of STEM education and that’s why Brazil is paying for undergraduate college students to spend the summer at the School of Computing and Information Science. Science Without Borders, currently have six Brazilian students working at SCIS’s Discovery Lab.

"The program is designed to give them a research experience, where they actually have hands-on use of tools, equipment, and can put their innovative ideas into practice," said Jerry Miller, director of the Discovery Lab.

Another fascinating application the students are working on is using robots in a way that most people have never considered: using robots to teach autistic children and one team is designing a drone programmed with artificial intelligence. There are commercial drones that do similar things, but they're expensive. The goal here is to make one which would sell for about $200.

Read more and watch the video here: Science Without Borders Program at FIU | NBC 6 South Florida

Reaserch Technology Students

SCIS congratulates Ms. Medhini Narasimhan, a visiting undergraduate student, for winning the ISCB Student Council Best Poster Award at Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference (ISMB 2016).

Professor Research to Help Reduce Radiation in CT Scans

Introduction to Computer Programming

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Dr. Ram Iyengar

Selected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, 2012. In recognition of support and commitment to advancing technological development and innovation.

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Dr. Ram Iyengar

Lifetime Achievement Award Conferred by ISAM, 2012 and Best Computer Science Faculty of 2012, ASDF Conference on Global Awards

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Dr. Mark Weiss

elected ACM Distinguished Educator, Elected Fellow of the American Association of Advancement of Science


Many faculty have earned NSF and DOE Career Awards, Research awards from Google, IBM, Xerox, and NetApp.

Faculty recognized with Distinguished Awards such as IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, Kaufman Professor, and AAAI Nils Nilsson.

Best Conference Paper Awards from IEEE, ACSAC and other Computer Societies.


  • Five year total Contract & Grants, Foundation, and In-Kind funding: $28 million

  • Ranked #1 in IT Performance among all the state universities, resulting in a two-year $7.5M award.

  • 250+ computing professionals graduated each year (top 4 in the nation).

  • Recent faculty hires from Brown, Cornell, Chinese Academy of Science, Purdue, MIT, UCLA, and UIUC.

  • Just completed our 25th Anniversary with over 3,500 alumni and 1/3rd working in South Florida. 

  • Over 1,800 students enrolled in six CS/IT degrees from BS to PhD. 

  • Sixth largest number of BS degrees award in Computer Science in the US, according to ASEE (2012). 

  • Recipient of two consecutive IBM PhD Research Fellowship awards (only 40 worldwide per year).

  • Graduates working at major technology companies like Google, Apple, Citrix, etc.

  • One of the nations largest Hispanic CS degree awarding programs at all academic levels.

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