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Computer Science


The Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science is accredited by:

Computing Accreditation Commission
ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050
Baltimore, MD 21202-1012
Telephone 410-347-7700

Computer Science Common Course Syllabi

Computer Science Academic Learning Compact

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Information Technology

  • Information Technology Track
    The IT major gives the student a broad understanding of information technology concepts. It is designed for the student who wishes to work as a technical support staff or administrator.

  • Software Track
    In addition to the broad understanding of information technology concepts, the student gains a theoretical understanding of computer science.

  • Second Major in Information Technology (BA)
    The BA in IT program is open to the student who is enrolled in and will be completing another Bachelor's degree program or the student who already has a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

  • Combined BS in Information Technology/MS in Engineering Management
    The student is able to complete the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Master of Science in Engineering Management degrees on an accelerated schedule.

Information Technology Common Course Syllabi

Information Technology Academic Learning Compact

IT Objectives & Outcomes