IT Software Track

The School of Computing and Information Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology as a single major with a strong foundation in the theory of Computer Science.


Students should have completed the following courses (or equivalent) prior to starting the BS in Information Technology.
Only a programming course in Java will be accepted as transfer credit to satisfy COP2210.

  • COP2210 Programming 1
  • PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology
  • MAD2104 Discrete Math
  • CGS1920 Introduction to Computing
  • CGS2518 Computer Data Analysis
  • - OR -
  • CGS2060 Introduction to Microcomputers
  • - OR -
  • CGS2100 Introduction to Micro for Business
  • MAC1147 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
  • - OR -
  • MAC1140 Pre-Calulus Algebra

Interdisciplinary Credits

Nine credits must be taken outside SCIS. These credits must be selected from the courses for a minor or certificate in another discipline. All nine credits must be taken from the same minor or certificate.

Core Courses

  • CEN3721 Human Computer Interaction
  • COP3337 Programming 2
  • CGS3767 Computer Operating Systems
  • CDA3103 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • CGS4285 Applied Computer Networking
  • CGS4854 Web Site Construction and Management
  • CNT4403+ Computing and Network Security +
  • COP3530 Data Structures
  • COP4703 Information Storage and Retrieval
  • COP4338 Programming 3
  • COP4814+ Component-Based Software Dev. +
  • CGS3095 Technology in the Global Arena
  • ENC3213 Professional & Technical Writing
  • - OR -
  • ENC3249 Professional & Technical Writing for CS

Elective Courses

All students must take two elective courses
Students must select one area of concentration and take two courses in that area.

System Administration

  • CIS4431 IT Automation
  • COP3353* Intro to Unix/Linux*
  • CTS4348 Unix Admin

Network Administration

  • CNT4504 Network Administration
  • CNT4513 Data Communications

Application Development

  • COP4005 Windows Programming for IT
  • COP4655 Mobile App. Development
  • COP4813 Web App. Programming

Database Administration

  • CTS4408 DB Admin
  • COP4722 DB Survey

Free Electives

All students must complete additional general elective courses to reach a minimum of 120 total credits. Prerequisites can count as general electives.