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This is a student chapter of the national organization, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) here at Florida International University (FIU).

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UPE is an international honor society that recognizes the academic excellence and interests of students in the Computing and Information disciplines.

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PLUG Logo PLUG - Panther Linux User Group

Bringing Linux and Open Source ideology to FIU by showing what is possible with Open Source Software.



Women in Computer Science is an organization for women, by women. Any FIU student in the School of Computing and Information Sciences, or simply with some interest in any of the various topics in computing is welcome to join us!



STARS principles in terms of encouraging future service within communities by actively getting invvolved with communities currently and leaving a remarkable impression through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.



Tutoring is offered free of charge to all students enrolled in courses offered by the School of Computing and Information Sciences. Our tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have generously volunteered their time to help others. While we hope that you find our tutors helpful, please keep in mind that tutoring should not be relied upon as a primary source of education. For more information, please visit the STARS tutoring page.

What services do the tutors offer?

  • Syntactic and conceptual review and explanation.
  • Analogous examples to help with assignments.
  • Debugging help.
  • Pointers regarding different ways of thinking about a topic.
  • Direction to additional sources of relevant information.
  • Occasionally, outright instruction as would be provided in class.

What tutors WILL NOT do for you

The purpose of tutoring is to aid students' learning of course material and understanding of concepts. Tutoring is a supplement to - not a substitute for - classroom instruction and work on assignments. As such, tutors are not permitted to do any of the folowing:

  • Type students' code.
  • Provide solutions to problems relating to assignments.
  • Provide code for assignments.
  • Help students with online quizzes/test.

There is often a high demand for tutoring services, therefore, we urge you to seek tutoring as soon as you have a problem. It is possible that no tutors may be available to help you with your initial request, so please plan in advance. This service is offered free to School of Computing & Information Sciences students. Please do not offer money, material rewards, or any type of favors to the tutors.

Special Interest Groups / Extracurricular Activities

We have special interest groups that you may be interested in:

  • AppDojo - Application & Development
  • A group of enthusiasts that enjoy building apps (think hackerspace). The community was founded by Steven Luis and Carlos Ordonez in August of 2012. Some students participate for fun and others have commercialization interests.

  • ACM Programming Team
  • An elite group of students from the School of Computing and Information Science that compete in regional and online programming contests. The programming team offers intensive training which allows team members to develop top-notch problem-solving skills.

  • BlackBox Innovators
  • Through the exchange of professional experiences and research, the BlackBox Innovators familiarize themselves with new technology and practice technical skills through collaborative projects, demonstrations and reverse engineering workshops.

Seeking advising?

We have advisors who are here to help. Please visit our advising page for more information.

Need Tech Support?

Many of your questions may be answered on our support page. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties on campus, we encourage you to contact us through email and our staff will try to assist you.

Looking for an internship or job?

The School of Computing and Information Sciences' career path page is a excellent way to find out about opportunities and to help you develop your portfolio.