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The hurricane loss model project was funded by the FL-Office of Insurance Regulation at a cost of $2.7 million. The model was completed and delivered to OIR last year after undergoing extensive testing, calibration, validation, and external review. The model was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the fields of meteorology, wind and structural engineering, computer science, GIS, statistics, finance, and actuarial science. The experts belong to Florida International University, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida State University, University of Florida, Hurricane Research Division of NOAA, University of Miami, and NIST. Subsequently, the project got additional funding from OIR to operate, maintain and update the model. Currently, the model is based at the Laboratory for Insurance, Economic and Financial Research located in the IHRC at FIU. It is operated by a team of professors and graduate students from the departments of computer science, finance, and statistic at FIU, with the help of meteorology and engineering experts from other universities and institutions.

Documents and technical papers describing the theories, assumptions, methodologies, design, components, tests, and selected outputs are available at the project website www. The source code, however, will not be open...

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Since May 02, 2006