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What is REU?

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site at Florida International University (FIU) provides research experience to undergraduate students during a 12 week summer program. The research projects during the summer program will be centered around the theme of Autonomic Computing. Students will learn the basic concepts in autonomic computing and will work towards developing and implementing several aspects of autonomy in computing including self-protection, self-optimization, self-configuration, etc.

Why REU at FIU?

There are several reasons to apply to the REU program at FIU (Application Instructions are accessible on the sidebar):

  • Students will be paid $4800 for doing some cutting-edge research!

  • Out-of-town students are provided with housing and travel expenses.

  • Students will receive personal attention from several faculty members at FIU who have extensive research experience.

  • Students will work on cutting-edge research in the area of Autonomic Computing, in team-oriented projects where each student gets to learn from his or her team-mates and building critical social interaction and communication skills.

  • Students will also work closely with graduate students, getting an insider perspective to grad school and research life and will have the opportunity to interact with the industry pioneer in Autonomic Computing from IBM.

  • And of course, students will spend a summer in Miami with its excellent Beaches and warm waters!

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0552555